The House of Diamonds Lemonade Stand

House of Diamonds Lemonade StandBy Gene Cullinane

Our daughters decided to set up a lemonade stand to contribute to their college fund. For 4 hours on a sunny afternoon, they had a table and sign up in front of the store.

They were selling home made cookies and, of course, lemonade. We were surprised at the number of people that pulled up to buy cookies or a drink from them. We’ve mentioned this before, sales is definitely an option for their future.

A funny part of the story… I noticed a problem when I saw that “College Fund” was spelled “College Fun” on their sign. My first thought was, “I think I may be in trouble.”

The girls had a great time learning the importance of hard work, customer service and the rewards that come with it.

House of Diamonds Lemonade Stand


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