House of Diamonds Jewelry Stores Kansas City

“Still my favorite jewelry store to work with. I know am not even remotely a top customer, but they treat every request, even just getting my wife’s ring cleaned, like I was purchasing a $10k diamond. Original Review: The staff are wonderful, the prices are very reasonable, and the work they do is fantastic. Skip Zales, Kay, or Jared’s and get something actually unique and beautiful while supporting a local business.” Matt Walje

“House of Diamonds provides the best selection of diamonds that I have found in KC. Their staff always seems to know what my wife will love, which makes me a hero each holiday season. Thank you!” – Ryan Kluttz

“It has been 14 years since I started doing business with Gene. I knew what I wanted my wife’s ring to look like, just couldn’t find it anywhere. After shopping both chain stores and other “local” experts, Gene had the best looking stone, exactly what I wanted from and design perspective and was almost a thousand dollars less than the other lowest quote. They still do not hesitate to clean my wife’s ring whenever we take it in there. Very satisfied to have been treated so well with my first large investment in jewelry.” – Chris Jenness

“Can’t put into words how great of an experience it has been dealing with House of Diamonds. The owners, Gene and Karen were extremely helpful in getting the perfect ring picked out for my now fiancé. They treat their customers like family and were thoughtful throughout the entire process. Prices are extremely competitive and their diamonds were superior to other competitors that I browsed. Corey, was the jeweler that worked on the ring and he did pristine work in a timely manner.” – Kylie Nixdorf

“House of Diamonds has unbelievable jewelry and customer service to match. I had some Tahitian pearl earrings made a year or two ago. I rarely wore them because the gauge of the wire was too thick for my ear lobes and hurt like crazy when I put them in. I thought the opening of the hook needed to be adjusted but after they adjusted it the earrings they still hurt so badly going in. I very rarely wore them. Since so much time had gone by, I didn’t think they would do any more work on them for me but THEY DID (without charging). The wire is now thinner allowing the gorgeous Tahitian pearl to dangle freely without hurting my ears. I cannot imagine using any other jeweler because they have taken such good care of me!” – Debbie-Sue Felton

“We like House of Diamonds because they make you feel like part of the family.”

“My favorite thing about the House of Diamonds is not only the amazing customer service and the ownership here, but it is also the gorgeous jewelry that they are able to produce.”

“We like House of Diamonds because of the quality, favorable pricing, and great service. We have done business with them for years and we will continue to do so.”

“When you don’t know anything about diamonds, Gene is a good guy to go to. Great service, trustworthy, priced right, bends over backwards. I can’t think of any other place I’d go.”

“So impressed with how genuine this place was! My boyfriend and I have been to other jewelry stores looking for the perfect engagement ring for when the right time comes. Other stores judged us due to being a younger couple and treating us like we weren’t worth their time. House of diamonds (JP, Susan, and gene) were very welcoming and showed us great ideas and diamonds. They made my boyfriend feel at ease and I couldn’t be more thankful for this! We are very excited to be buying all of our future diamonds here!” – Bri Campbell

“Patient staff, quick repairs and reasonable price for repair of my 50-year-old wedding ring that has been worn constantly and only been repaired 3 times. Twice in 25 years at House of Diamonds!” – Becky Edson