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House of Diamonds is a local, family-owned custom jewelry store and the ONLY jewelry store in Kansas City with a 100% in-house jewelry design and finish team. Unlike the designer jewelry you find at most stores that is mass-produced in a Chinese factory, nearly all of the jewelry sold at House of Diamonds is 100% designed and finished by hand, one at a time, right here in our Overland Park studio.

And unlike stores that make you check-off options from a list, send it off to a mill somewhere, and call it “custom,” our custom jewelry, YOUR custom jewelry is truly custom, from original, personal, one-of-a-kind concepts with our designers to masterful hand-finishing in our shop. Your unique, custom jewelry creation never leaves our shop until it leaves with you.

For more than 25 years now, we’ve hand-selected our diamonds direct from the best cutters. Our natural diamonds represent the top 5% in each diamond grade. The other 95%? They end up in those other stores. Shopping factory-made diamonds? Sorry, you won’t find any depreciating “Lab-Grown Love” at House of Diamonds. 

Come work with our non-commissioned team. See the difference in our diamonds for yourself, and explore amazing possibilities with custom jewelry design, custom engagement rings, wedding rings, and fine jewelry.


When two people marry, often the vows include the expression, “In good times and in bad.” We believe that when real love is at the center of any relationship, it can be “good times and better.” We’ve sensed an extra something with the couples we’ve been honored to serve in recent months. We’ve shared challenging moments and found ourselves dialing it up an extra notch to make their experience with us an oasis of sanity in an otherwise crazy world.

While the pandemic is behind us, the world can still be a little loopy so we’ll continue to dial it up and look forward to welcoming you to our family oasis in Overland Park. And if you prefer to shop at home, no problem. We can accommodate you completely – from in-stock jewelry to custom work. Yes, we can even do 100% custom work with you online.

All of us are humbled by your ongoing support of our local, family business. Please be assured of our prayers and continuing gratitude.

Gene and Karen

Diamond Transformation

Don’t Settle For Fake Custom Or Sub-Par Diamonds

Oval Engagement RingOur custom jewelry at House of Diamonds is 100% designed, prototyped, cast, and hand-finished right here in our family-owned, Overland Park, Kansas jewelry store. Other stores SAY they do custom work but ask to see their CAD and computerized casting equipment. Ask to meet the designers and craftsmen. Ask if the jewelry is ever sent out to some stranger you’ll never meet. Then come to House of Diamonds. We’ve invested more in custom technology than any other jewelry store in Kansas City. The quality is so good we can back it with a double lifetime guarantee. Our designers and craftsmen would love to meet you and make your dreams come alive.

In addition to our acclaimed custom jewelry, we offer a showroom full of exclusive House of Diamonds creations as well as unique, hand-selected engagement, wedding and fashion rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, unique colored gemstones, and more!

2016 KC Chiefs Ambassador RingsOur diamonds are also hand-selected, direct from only the best cutters and represent the top 5% in each GIA grade. Come compare for yourself side by side and see the difference between the top 5% and what you’ll find online and elsewhere. We’ll never make you work through a selection of sub-par diamonds at House of Diamonds.

We do not and will never sell lab-grown diamonds.

Most lab-grown diamonds are made in energy-sucking Chinese and Russian factories. Unlike natural diamonds, factory-made diamonds depreciate in value like any technology over time. Other stores love them because they are making HUGE profits – often 10x what they make on natural diamonds.

We’ve been called “fools” by lab-grown diamond vendors for not cashing in. But no profit is worth violating the trust our customers place in our family. You deserve better than “Lab-Grown Love.”

Our Store

Located in Overland Park, House of Diamonds has been recognized and awarded as Kansas City’s best jewelry store. A local, family-owned store known for superior diamonds and pricing, custom jewelry and one-of-a-kind engagement rings crafted 100% in-house.

Our Diamonds

No one in Kansas City or online can touch House of Diamonds for both quality and price. We hand-select every diamond direct from the best cutters, choosing only the top 5% in each grade. Yes, there’s a noticeable difference – even within grades! Come and compare.

Our Team

Our non-commissioned team is unsurpassed in both knowledge and commitment to helping you get the best jewelry and value. With decades of experience, market-leading technology, and a passion for quality and service, there is no jewelry dream we cannot make happen.

Our Clients

We’re very proud of our diamonds, our prices, and the incredible jewelry we create at House of Diamonds. But we’re most proud of the relationships we create with our clients. So while we love to talk about our store, our clients tell the story better than we ever could.