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A Better Diamond Jewelry Store

For nearly 25 years, our House of Diamonds family in Kansas City has helped people just like you from our jewelry store at College and Quivira. In fact, we opened the jewelry store specifically to help people avoid the gimmicks and behavior of some in our industry.

Shopping for a diamond in Kansas City, especially for an engagement ring, is not something you do every day. However, helping people navigate the confusing diamond marketplace in the Overland Park area to find better diamonds at better prices IS something that WE do every day.

Whether you’re shopping for an engagement ring in Overland Park or buying your Mom a tennis bracelet, you might be wondering if shopping for diamonds online or at some big store from out of town is the best direction. And if not, why should you come to House of Diamonds in Overland Park?


We buy our diamonds direct from the cutters and actually reject 95% of the diamonds we see. The differences are truly extensive, even within a diamond grade – differences you cannot see online. All our diamonds are hand-selected and are available for your personal inspection.


We’ve been buying direct from diamond cutters for 25 years. And even though we sell only the top 5% of diamonds in each diamond grade, we still sell them for the same or less than the best prices online or at any other store in the Kansas City area. Come see for yourself.

Seeing is Believing

Come into our jewelry store in Overland Park and compare our diamonds side-by-side to diamonds – within the same grade – that were sold online or at another store in Kansas City and traded for one of ours. Once you see the difference, you’ll understand why we’re so passionate about our diamonds.

No Lab-Grown Diamonds

A lab-grown diamond is just a piece of technology that starts depreciating the second you buy it. Our customers trust us to take care of them and letting you invest thousands on something that will be worthless if you ever want to trade-up is a violation of that trust. Read more…

Our Diamond Club

Buying a diamond from us is more than a purchase. It’s entrusting us with your supremely special moments – those that last a lifetime and beyond. And to protect the practical side of those moments, you receive lifetime cleaning, maintenance, insurance appraisals, discounts, trade-up benefits, and much more.

A Kansas City Family Business

We’ve been in the same location for nearly 25-years and still have customers from day one. We live here, work here, shop here and go to church here. You’re already our neighbor and when you trust us for your special moments, you become part of our family. And no one takes care of family like we do.

House of Diamonds Luxury Diamond Ring

House of Diamonds Luxury Diamond Ring

House of Diamonds Luxury Diamond Ring

Beyond The 4C’s: New Standards For a New Age

If you were to visit a jewelry store in the 1950s and ask about the quality of a diamond relative to its price, you would have been given the 4C’s (cut, color, clarity, and carat weight). As you might have guessed though, times have changed, and the 4C’s explanation is no longer sufficient. Today, you need to know a particular diamond’s history to know exactly what you are getting. 

Today, there are more things factoring into the quality of a diamond that are reflected in the price. The GIA, Gemological Institute of America, is the largest and most respected non-profit source for diamond standards and ratings. This organization is a major player in assessing the quality of stones. Here is a summary of their most important standards so you can shop with confidence.


Who is the original creator of the stone?

New technology now allows for factories to create synthetic or lab-grown stones in days, compared to the millions of years it takes to create rare, naturally mined diamonds.

A diamond from House of Diamonds is always a hand-selected, naturally mined diamond, never a factory-made stone. Our customers can be assured their investment will always maintain and grow in value, unlike synthetic stones

Carat Weight

Carat weight is strictly in reference to weight (size) which equates to overall value and price of the stone.

When choosing your stone, you want the proportions to be a specific amount for optimal value. For example, if the stone dimension is too deep, the stone will not only appear smaller, but it will be detrimental for beauty because it would not be cut correctly for the right brilliance. Just as well, if the stone is too shallow it will look bigger but will become foggy quite easily.


Cut is the most important aspect of buying a stone.

People tend to confuse cut with shape, which is whether the stone is princess, round, etc. Cut is the one stone aspect man controls through manipulating the positioning of the facets and the geometry of the stone for optimal beauty.

Cut is what gives a stone it’s fire and brilliance. A stone is considered “dirty” 95% of the time when worn, and a well-cut stone will push light back through the dirt. A poorly cut stone will not.

Cut and brilliance grade is something only a trained professional or the right technology will be able to see.


It is becoming more common for diamonds to be treated or “touched-up” to improve clarity, color, transparency, and the overall appeal to customers. Among these diamond treatments are fracture filling, laser drilling, heating, pressure treatments, and more. We do not sell treated or touched-up diamonds at House of Diamonds

A diamond is marked as “processed” or “enhanced,” when it has been altered or treated in some way. When you see this at other stores, it’s important that you request more information about the process the stone endured. Diamonds that undergo treatments are more likely to pose problems and are valued and priced differently than non-treated, natural diamonds. 


Transparency focuses in on the inclusions (internal features) or blemishes (external marks) that all stones carry. The blemishes and inclusions can sometimes be seen by the naked eye, but other times they are very small and must be seen under a microscope. The quality, with these two factors in mind, is measured by the GIA grading. 

These factors are what make each diamond one-of-a-kind. It’s important to House of Diamonds that customers are able to view their stones personally and be as knowledgeable as possible before they purchase. We cover these three aspects in an overview with customers: the types of inclusions, location of inclusions, and intensity of inclusions.


Graining is a natural feature that the diamond produces as it is being formed because of the unique pressure and the unique internal characteristics of the stone. There are two types of graining: internal and surface level. Both of these result from irregularities in the crystal structure. Graining impacts the value of the stone because of its impact on strength and transparency. 


Fluorescence is when a diamond gives off visible light, either when exposed to UV rays from the sun or from special lamps. The GIA uses fluorescence as an identifying characteristic, and it is measured by its strength and color of the light given off by the stone. The intensity ratings are none, faint, medium, strong, and very strong. Most jewelry stores will tell you that Fluorescence is neither good nor bad. We respectfully disagree. Many of the 95% of diamonds we reject that subsequently end up in other jewelry stores, are rejected due to fluorescence. A fluorescent diamond can give off a hazy, waxy, or milky glow. Why settle for that if you don’t have to? 

Why House of Diamonds?

  • Our Expertise

    Every diamond is a unique, one-of-a-kind creation. Having reliable information from a trusted, custom jeweler regarding the creator, carat weight, cut, treatment, clarity, graining, and fluorescence will ensure that you find the perfect diamond that you will treasure forever. And a diamond that will hold or increase in value should your life circumstances change.

  • House of Diamonds Family

    When you shop with us, you are entering a union we hold dear. You’re treated like family because we consider you family. We are distinguished among the rest because we’re not salespeople – we’re experts passionate in our craft. We ensure your diamond is not only high quality, but increases in value over time. Let’s create memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Our Passion, Your Forever

    Diamonds have always been viewed as a stone that displays commitment and strength. Just like your commitment to the person you are giving this diamond to, you want to be confident in the commitment of your diamond purchase. It can be an exciting but confusing road to navigate if you do not know the most up-to-date standards and quality aspects of diamonds. Let House of Diamonds in Overland Park help you with all your custom diamond engagement ring or custom diamond ring questions. 

Request A Diamond Consultation

Are you looking for a superior diamond for a special someone in the Kansas City area? With our experienced custom jewelry designers, you’ll not only receive a superior diamond, but a one-of-a-kind creation in which to show it off. Request an appointment today for assistance on shopping for custom diamond engagement rings or other custom jewelry creations.