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Military Ring

Customized Yellow Gold Diamond Ring Customized Yellow Gold Diamond Ring Customized Yellow Gold Diamond Ring
From top to bottom, this ring is covered in miraculous and meticulous detail, perfect for this customer in the Armed Forces. On one side of this all yellow gold ring lays the patch of the First Special Forces and it is underlined by four diamonds, each representing the different branches of the active military. On the opposite side are Jump Wings, the badge for parachutists. The top view of this ring is covered by the Special Forces crest, and the recessed motto in Latin ‘De Oppresso Liber,’ translated To ‘Free the Oppressed.’ We were commissioned to build this special ring that represents a patriot’s military life. Perhaps you served in the military, or were a member of a Fraternity or Sorority? Allow those memories to live on through a custom symbol created by the House of Diamonds that you can wear daily.