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Love Conquers All

In 2020, we all came together to support each other during crazy times. We drew strength from love. Love for families and friends, love for our neighbors that brought us closer in common purpose, and love for our country that still gives us the freedom to love and pursue our dreams, and care for each other.

When two people marry, often the vows include the expression, “In good times and in bad.” We believe that when real love is at the center of any relationship, it can be “good times and better.” We sensed an extra something with the couples we were honored to serve over these many months. We shared challenging moments and found ourselves dialing it up an extra notch to make their experience with us an oasis of sanity in an otherwise crazy world.

While the worst of the pandemic is behind us, the world can still be a little loopy so we’ll continue to dial it up and look forward to welcoming you to our family oasis in Overland Park. And while the masking and distancing requirements have been lifted, be assured that we are still maintaining elevated sanitizing precautions to assure a safe shopping experience. And if you prefer to shop at home, no problem. We can accommodate you completely – from in-stock jewelry to custom work. Yes, we can even do 100% custom work with you online.

All of us are humbled by your ongoing support of our local, family business. Please be assured of our prayers and continuing gratitude.