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Your Jewelry Concierge: The perfect necklace for a couple in Texas.

Karen : Your Jewelry ConciergeLife is busy, and time to shop is often hard to come by. Fine jewelry is something personal and very specific to each individual. Many clients struggle finding the time to come into our store.

The following story is an example of how our jewelry concierge service works. It’s just one example of the hundreds of projects we do every year where customers never come into our store but still get our personalized service.

Early last December, I received a call from a client in Texas who was interested in adding a complementary necklace to his wife’s jewelry collection. We had records of her ring, earrings, as well as preferences she had when choosing her previous items. It was a project concept we had played around with for a couple years, but we had never nailed down all the fine details.

Collaborating through email and phone calls, we were able to create a gorgeous necklace that matches the quality and characteristics of her other diamonds, and in a design she absolutely loved! It was a little stressful when the shipping carrier indicated a delivery delay (a concern we try to anticipate and ship early whenever possible!)

Fortunately, it arrived on time to make their celebration complete. It’s always exciting to be a part of those memorable moments with our friends and clients.

Whether a client lives down the street, across town or across the country, we’re ready and able to assist with any idea you have to make your special someone’s day and show what they mean to you. Give us a call or send us an email and let us show you what our friendly, professional, and creative staff can come up with for you!

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