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Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity Watches

Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity WatchesWe’ve carried Citizen Eco-Drive watches for many years. They are beautiful, dependable and require no batteries because they are powered by light.

Citizen EcoDrive technology harnesses the power of light – from any natural or artificial light source – and converts it into energy, which is stored in a permanently rechargeable solar cell. An EcoDrive watch recharges itself in any kind of light, to run forever.

Citizen is always improving the features and functionality of their watches. They’ve created a line of Bluetooth connected watches that have a couple of unique features. The “Proximity” line connects to an app on your smartphone to enhance what it can do.

We asked Jason, one of our customers who bought a Proximity watch, what his favorite feature is:

When you travel across time zones, the watch will automatically update to the new time zone when you land. It’s a convenience feature and it’s cool to see in action. And I love that I can get alerts without an annoying LCD screen like most tech watches out there today.

You can control what types of alerts you receive (via a vibration to your wrist.) It’s all configurable through the smartphone app.

If you are considering a new timepiece for that special someone, stop by and let us show you our Citizen Eco-Drive watches!


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